Links to learn Python

Here are some links to check out. These are links to Python courses, blogs, social networks, and more.

Links to learn Python
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Here are some links to check out. These are links to Python courses, blogs, social networks, and more.


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Run That
LEARN PYTHON 🐍 Code-with-me tutorials for building modern web apps, getting API data, and writing automation scripts. ABOUT ME 🦩 I am a sometimes consultant to startup founders, their teams, and their lawyers. I love data - getting it, organizing it, using it, cuddling with it. At the beginning o…
  1. My YouTube channel: @RunThat - Python tutorials for beginners and intermediate Python learners.
  2. Codecademy: Codecademy - An interactive platform offering free or affordable Python courses for beginners.
  3. Coursera: Coursera - An online learning platform that provides Python courses suitable for beginners.
  4. SoloLearn: SoloLearn - A mobile app and website offering Python courses designed for beginners.
  5. HackerRank: HackerRank - A coding challenge website where you can practice your problem-solving skills with Python.
  6. LeetCode: LeetCode - Another coding challenge platform where you can solve coding problems using Python.
  7. GitHub: GitHub - A platform where you can find repositories of open-source projects and contribute to them.
  8. GitLab: GitLab - A web-based Git repository manager that hosts open-source projects.
  9. - The official website of the Python programming language, providing documentation and resources for beginners.
  10. Real Python: Real Python - A website offering tutorials and articles on Python programming.
  11. Stack Overflow: Stack Overflow - A popular programming community where you can ask questions and find answers related to Python programming.
  12. Python subreddit: Python subreddit - A subreddit dedicated to discussions and questions related to Python programming.
  13. Python Discord: Python Discord - A Discord community where you can connect with Python enthusiasts and seek help.
  14. NumPy: NumPy - A Python library for efficient numerical operations.
  15. Pandas: Pandas - A Python library for data manipulation and analysis.
  16. Matplotlib: Matplotlib - A Python library for data visualization.
  17. scikit-learn: scikit-learn - A Python library for machine learning and data analysis.