Apps and gear for creating

Looking to up your content creation game on YouTube? Here are the tools I use to create videos, from cameras and sound equipment to editing software. Discover some ideas for elevating your content and standing out.

Apps and gear for creating

These are my tools for shooting video and audio, photo and video editing, and general content creation efficiency.

When available, I use affiliate links in my posts.


Coding and Python 🐍

If you're wondering what all this talk about Python is about, you're probably not alone. There are tons of great tools you can use to learn Python.

I post Python videos on my YouTube channel, but there are other resources out there to round out your skillset and flatten your learning curve. One such resource is Codecademy, which is how I learned to code in just a few weeks. It's an excellent place to start when you're just starting out.

Video and Audio Recording

Canon EOS M50 Mark II

All my desk-setting videos are shot on my Canon EOS M50 Mark II. It can withstand many drops and is fairly easy to get the hang of. It's worth the investment when you want more control over your video quality.

You'll want an external mic for tutorial-style videos. πŸ“

Canon EOS M50 Mark II

Check it out

Rode VideoMic Go II

The Canon ☝️ on its own records meh audio. You'll want an external mic, especially for tutorial-style videos. I use Rode, a starter mic, that conveniently attaches to the top of my Canon.

Rode VideoMic Go II Camera-Mount Lightweight Directional Microphone

This is a good starter mic. You'll want an external mic like this for your Canon.

Check it out

GoPro HERO11 Black Creator Edition

Point-click-shoot. My favorite camera for paddle boarding, wandering around, and vlog-style videos. The GoPro HERO11 Black Creator Edition comes with an external mic, light, and charging tripod with control buttons.

GoPro HERO11 Black Creator Edition

Check it out

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 🎧

Use these Bose noise cancelling headphones to edit video by the pool, or just to turn the world down for a while. You can make calls from them, too.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 with Bluetooth, Alexa, Clear Calls

Check them out

BlueSnowball iCE USB Mic

Sometimes, you just need to voice-over that clip that was perfect... with audio that was not perfect. When that happens, you'll be glad you have a real mic. The BlueSnowball mic is a fave of beginner podcasters and content creators. It is a solid starter mic that does what it came to do: record clear, directional audio that sounds way better than your laptop mic.


Apps for efficient content creation πŸ’»

TubeBuddy - Optimize your YouTube channel faster

Join millions of creators and brands optimizing their channels for increased views and subscribers with TubeBuddy. I use this app daily... all day.

TubeBuddy is a powerful tool designed to help YouTubers grow their channels, save time, and increase their views and subscribers. With features such as keyword research, tag optimization, thumbnail generation, and video A/B testing, Β can help YouTubers optimize their content to reach a wider audience and improve their video rankings in search results. Additionally, TubeBuddy provides insights into channel analytics, including competitor analysis, allowing YouTubers to stay on top of their game and stay ahead of the competition. Overall, TubeBuddy can help YouTubers streamline their workflow, increase their reach, and ultimately, grow their channel faster.

TubeBuddy πŸ‘‰ Optimize your YouTube channel faster

VidIQ - Boost your views and subscribers on YouTube

VidIQ is an alternative to TubeBuddy. I've used both and while TubeBuddy's Β platform is more robust, VidIQ is a good, lower-cost option if you're just starting out on YouTube.

VidIQ πŸ‘‰ Boost your views and subscribers on YouTube

CapCut - Video editing app for iPhone and Mac

I have tried them all. Like... all of them. CapCut is the best for making social media videos. It's intuitively designed and not crammed with features you may never use. You can go from never using CapCut to finishing a fully edited, 10-minute YouTube video in hours.

CapCut is the video editing app for content creators.

CapCut is the video editing app for content creators πŸ‘»

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