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Hello! I'm Marguerite. I make YouTube videos about how to Python.


My background

I am a consultant to startup founders, their teams, and their lawyers. I help them organize their cap tables. That is, the records, data and analysis surrounding their investors and investment structure. I use Python to script and automate web scraping, APIs, and data processing.

At the beginning of my "career," I worked in investment banking. Later, I moved into investment analysis, underwriting investment opportunities and structuring the big capital raises that came with making those investments. Along the way, I wrangled a few securities licenses from the SEC and FINRA, and stopped by NYU for a Master's degree in real estate finance and investment. I moonlighted as an adjunct instructor for several years, teaching financial modeling in a master's program.

The site's name

RUN that as in run that Python script, but also, run that business, side hustle, blog, monetizable hobby... 🐍


Need a place to get started? Check out Codecademy, it's my favorite amongst the online learn-to-code platforms.


In my free time

Data. Getting context. Paddle boarding. YouTube. Clear water in warm places. 🌴

Marguerite and Zoey 🐕💚


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